Mobile Registration

With GameTime’s Mobile and Desktop browser versions you can maximize the registration limits of your business.

Members can register from anywhere with their smartphone.

Instructors and Administrators can check people into the class or event using their smartphone. Attendance from anywhere is an amazing thing.


Class & Event Registration

Our web based registration system powers hundreds of businesses to maximize their events and provide detailed analytics.

Classes are easy to create and can be booked using our desktop or mobile options.

There are dozens of features in GameTime that make one of the most robust systems available.

Contact us today to find out more and start maximizing your business.


Mobile Attendance

Instructors can check-in people to classes with their smartphone from anywhere in the club.

Desktop Browser

Organize your classes and let people register - the most efficient way possible



Integrate your accounting system

Enterprise clubs and businesses rely on GameTime to manage millions of dollars in transactions through to their accounting system. All GameTime transactions can be moved to your accounting system.

Key Features:

  • Setup one or hundreds of classes, the number of classes you can setup is unlimited.
  • People on the Waitlist can be automatically moved into a class when space becomes available
  • allow public registration and accept credit card.
  • List, day, week and month views.
  • Children’s Fitness tax credts
  • Copy previously made classes
  • Emails are automatically sent upon registration
  • Emails are automatically sent if an administrator cancels a class
  • Each class can have multiple prices depending on membership type
  • accept online payments
  • Heavy registration mode for high volume registrations
  • There’s hundreds of features, too many to list here, if you wish to see all the features a demo is the way to go.


More Options

From Credit card integration to your merchant account, public registration options and more, GameTime meets the needs of enterprise clients to deliver a magical experience.

Credit Card Integration

Credit Card Integration

Public Registration

Public Registration

Excellent for tournament and classes you want to fill up



Connect GameTime to other systems

Outstanding Reporting capabilities

  • Overview Report
  • Class Attendance
  • Class & Event information, custom
  • Member / Staff Bookings
  • Participants , custom
  • Invoicing
  • Cancellations
  • Receipts
  • Payment methods
  • Credit transactions
  • Public registrations report
  • Booking Intelligence

Fun Facts

Most Registrations in 1 day by 1 client

Most Registrations in 1 day by 1 client

The most registrations in one day by one client

1 Minute

1 Minute

The number of minutes it take for clients to start calling when we perform load testing on the servers!