Business Efficiency

Maximize your your time and improve customer loyalty

Get your business operating at maximum efficiency in with GameTime’s Therapy & Spa module. You can manage your entire business from where ever you are with an internet connection. Schedule therapists and allow clients to book online, to point of sale and much more. The reporting section will give you the ability to view the efficiency of your business.

Online Booking

Give clients the freedom to view your
schedule, book their next appointment
online, and even pay online.

Online booking opens many doors to your
business, with the convenience of the
internet. Allowing you to spend more
time running your business and diminishing
administrative tasks.

The reporting and analytics tools give
you the key insights into your practice
and allow you to make smart decisions
going forward.

Experience fewer no-shows

Nobody likes no-shows. Sometimes customers
have valid reasons for missing an appointment,
but sometimes, they just forget. With automated
email and text reminders, many of our clients have
experienced a 70% decrease or more in no-shows.


There are several avenues for marketing in GameTime.

  • News – use our news section to post information to various areas of the system
  • Advertising – Create ads that are placed on the dashboard and that can be sent out with email reminders
  • Use our Email blast to contact all your clients. You can sort emails out by member types or by various levels.


Reports & Analytics

GameTime’s real-time reporting gives invaluable insight into your business.

There are numerous reports that come with this module allowing you to analyze your business and work at ideal efficiency.

Fabulous Features


 Easy to Use

  • INtuitive design
  • Tested by human factors consultants
  • Colour blind tested
  • Auto complete on names


  • Allow customers to book online
  • get reminders from email or text
  • Get on the Wait-list if you can’t get the appointment you need


  • Staff can manage their own calendars
  • Separate logins for each employee
  • System access rights


  • Easy multi-location setup
  • setup places within each facility


  • Auto-bill customers upon booking
  • Process POS payments
  • Run daily sales reports


  • Custom and standard reports
  • Flexible ad-hoc reporting
  • Excel & CSV export


  • Handles complex scheduling scenarios
  • Dozens of preference settings
  • Highly configurable and scaleable
  • Create packages


  • Three-tier backup system
  • SSL for data encryption


  • Daily, weekly, and monthly views
  • Recurring appointments
  • Schedule templates

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